Our Engagement Story

His Version

Well, it started back in December 2007. I found a ring. I had my parents and my sister check it out. Then I bought the ring. The next thing I did was to make a reservation for dinner at the Magic Kingdom in Cinderella’s Castle.

I think it was in January 2008 that I went over to Pat and Don’s house to ask for their blessing to marry Kathryn. I tried to do this without Kathryn knowing but that did not work. They said yes. I am pretty sure they like me. Then in February 08, a few days before leaving for the Magic Kingdom, I had a one-on-one with Pastor Todd from Christ Fellowship. (Kathryn and I worship there and she works there. I had been told much earlier that when the time came it was expected that I talked privately with both Pastor Tom and Todd.)

February 23, 2008 was the big day. We got up early and drove to Disney. My plan was to have a fun day at the park and then eat dinner at Cinderella’s Castle. I acted calm, cool and collected throughout the whole day. I executed my plan perfectly. We enjoyed the park. We changed clothes for dinner. We visited the Rose Garden just before dinner. And then, with the castle in the background, while inside the Garden and a Disney photographer standing by, I proposed. I looked into Kathryn’s eyes, got down on one knee and said, “I love you. Will you marry me?” She said yes.

Then we enjoyed a great meal in the castle.

Her Version (which is a great deal more detailed)

After finishing the Prep for Marriage class at church and both of saying that we were not going to revisit the section of the book on how to end the relationship – I was ready for him to propose.  I did make it a point to drop hints that I did not want him asking on a holiday or with the whole world watching (like on a jumbotron, in fact I never really feel the need to be anywhere there is a jumbotron).  I had a couple of big things coming up at work, one in January & one in April, so he suggested that we go on a day trip to Disney in February, just to take a break.  A few weeks later he let me know he had gotten us reservations at Cinderella’s castle, he wanted it to be a surprise but figured I would want the opportunity to change if we were going to spend the day at the park and then have an audience and dinner with the Princess.

I did find out that he was going to see my parents.  He had the day off work, so I figured he was going to sleep in. (Side note – we lived in the same condo building.) So I was surprised to see him in the parking lot when I was leaving for work, it came out that he was having breakfast with my parents.  I drew my own conclusions.

The day before we left for Disney, I confided in a couple of close girl friends that I thought he was going to propose (turns out, he had already told one of them, but she played it off).  Excited and hoping, I got my nails done on my lunch break, what can I say – I was going to be ready.

That Saturday, we left early in the morning and headed up – bags packed to be able to change for dinner.  Turned out to be a rainy day at Disney, but we would not be deterred!   We enjoyed the rides and the fun that is Disney, all while wearing ponchos.  I braved a couple of roller coasters and he was just cool as a cucumber.  I came to the firm conclusion that he had no intention of proposing, because anyone getting ready to ask a life altering question would not be so calm or able to focus on finding just the right snack.  Wet and trying to think through the best way to not appear disappointed, I begged out of going on Thunder Mountain and hung out in the gift shop.  I texted the girls my thoughts and then spent the rest of them reassuring myself that it was okay that he wasn’t ever going to propose and I would live in my cute apartment forever and get a cat.

So, about dinner time we got our bags, got changed and started the walk to the castle (which is longer and with more tourists than you realize until you are in heels).  On our way we stopped at the ‘Kodak Picture Spot’ in front of the castle.  It is placed so you can easily get a picture of you and the entire castle behind you and without the faces of 23 people you don’t know that happen to be wandering by your shot.  We waited for one couple to finish and then asked the always helpful cast member to get a couple of shots with Jeremy’s camera and with his.  Seems in this moment Jeremy let him know his plans.  We did a couple of smiling poses and then he got down on one knee, said ‘Kathryn, I love you – will you marry me?’.  I cried, I said yes, the nice cast member kept clicking and people cheered.   I’m so glad he kept it short, now I can remember exactly what he said.  My ring was and is beautiful, we took a picture of just our hands and he had it framed and matted with our tickets and our parking pass from that day.  We decided not to call anyone right away but to just be us until after dinner, so the first person I told – was Cinderella.  She was thrilled (I’m sure of it).  After dinner we went to one of the shops so I could get a Mickey & Minnie bride and groom salt & pepper shaker and then went to town hall where they gave us ‘just engaged’ buttons, which look a lot like ‘just married’ buttons with the married crossed off and engaged written in sharpie.  While waiting for the monorail we called our parents, I called his and he called mine.  Once we got to our cars we called our siblings.  Ooh and the conductor let us ride in the front of the monorail.  The next day the planning began.


2 Responses to Our Engagement Story

  1. Amy Hill says:

    Where is Her Version?

  2. Trav says:

    And you all ate happily ever after, that’s nice.

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