Our First Date

His Version

I had a game plan in mind from the beginning. I decided I would rely upon my usual first date setup: dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, a stroll around CityPlace, a stop at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and then over to a movie at Muvico. This is where I was in the zone. So I was waiting outside of The Cheesecake Factory for a blond girl who I was told was pretty to show up and finally she did. I thought she was pretty as soon as I saw her and decided to greet her with a friendly hello and hug.

Dinner went well, so now it was time for the next phase of my plan. We took a walk and headed over to Barnes and Noble. We browsed all the books and talked. At one point, we were looking at a very large and heavy book about magical creatures. We were very close and both holding the book. I then made my first move to touch her hand.

After the book store, I was feeling pretty confident and I asked if she would like to see a movie. We went to Muvico and about halfway through the movie I decided to hold her hand. It was great! When the movie was over, I walked hand-in-hand with her back to her car. I gave her another hug and asked her if I could call her again for another date. She said yes!

Her Version


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