How We Met

His Version

I guess I should first start off by describing how we did not meet. We grew up quite literally about 5 minutes driving distance from each other. But do to the fact that we were separated by a major road (I on one side, she on another) we went to different schools. There are three ways we could have met: 1) My grandmother played piano at the Baptist church she attended. I did not visit my grandmother often enough at her church or we could have met at that time; 2) We both attended a Chrysalis weekend as teenagers at different times. She however went on to be involved in the Chrysalis/Emmaus Community. I did not. If only I had been more involved we may have met earlier; 3) Several years ago my mom told me I should go to a singles ministry called the Next at Christ Fellowship. I should ask for a girl named Kathryn and she would show me around. I went and I asked someone if they knew Kathryn but without any luck.

That in short is how we could have met. Here is how we did meet.

Kathryn was involved with the Chrysalis/Emmaus Community. So were my parents. So were her parents. Kathryn knew my parents from attending functions and serving on weekends. One night while at a weekend, Kathryn was there as were my parents and her parents. My dad conspired with her mom to try and arrange for she and I to meet. So my dad then approached Kathryn and tried to sing my praises. She says that typically she would have said no. Two factors then played in my favor to elicit a yes from her: 1) She happens to like my dad; 2) She was sick with the flu.

Later my dad told me the story that he had a phone number of a nice girl who was a Christian and she was pretty. I should call her. I was always up for a potential date so I called. He was right and that is how we met.

Her Version

i met jeremy’s mom when i was in high school and i can remember my dad talking about working alongside jeremy’s dad at emmaus.  i remember knowing that they had a daughter my sister’s age, the girls just went to different schools.  i can also remember jeremy’s family (minus jeremy) coming to our church on different occasions.  i also knew that they lived in a neighborhood that was really close to us.

a few later, beverly asked me about the young adults ministry at Christ Fellowship.  after a complete briefing on all of the details, i encouraged her to invite her son and just have him ask for me.  i was there every week and usually easy to find since we had greeters that knew the regular attenders and people that helped out.  somehow i got it in my head that jeremy was the same age as my brother and therefore younger than me.  i guess i just figured since our sisters were the same age that the guys must be close in age.  and it seems that jeremy and his friend tom did come up to the church and they did ask someone if they knew kathryn.  however, they only asked one person, who did let them know that this was their first week as well.  therefore, it is my stance that not a whole lot of effort was made to find me (thanks for trying beverly)

a few more years later, when i ran into jeremy’s parents there were hellos and hugs all around.  by the next day i was so terribly sick with a flu that was going around my group of friends.  fever of 101, stuffy nose and super tired.  however, i had already committed to making an appearance at this event and had planned to meet up with my mom.  i usually enjoy the drive and thought i would be nice to just get away.  i got there right as things were starting and gary asked me if he could talk to me for a minute.  it was so loud in the room that we stepped outside.  he started to tell me about his son, he was single, where he worked, etc and i immediately thought he was going to ask me about the young adults group at my church, which i could give details on in auto-pilot so i prepared in my mind the standard response.  then he started talking about how jeremy had been dating a few different people, but hadn’t found the right girl.  the he asked if he could give my number to jeremy.  i was completely caught off guard – he didn’t even ask if i was seeing anyone! (seems he had already been talking to my mom earlier that evening, so he knew i was single.)  i didn’t know how to say no to gary and remember i had a temperature of 101.  and quite honestly i didn’t think that he would call, so what’s the harm?  i will admit, there was a part of me that wondered, was i about to meet the person i would marry?  and then the practical part of me that was convinced he would never call.

and then, a few days later on my way home from work – he called.  i had never given my number to anyone to pass to someone else, it occurred to me after he introduced himself that i had no idea how a conversation like this should go.  normally when you meet a person in real life you are in the middle of some sort of situation – a party, at work, at school – something that would lend itself to natural conversation.  fortunately, he tells me he had already thought through a couple of conversation topics (he’s such a good leader).  by the end of our conversation, i had decided that if he asked me to go do something, i would probably say yes.  but he didn’t, he just asked if he could call me again later in the week (he’s such a gentleman).  after the second phone call, he did ask if he could take me to dinner and i said yes.  some day i’ll tell you about all my second thoughts and moments of panic.  honey – maybe we should have a first date page…


2 Responses to How We Met

  1. Julie says:

    Ahhh, I loved reading this story!! I was thinking about you today Kathryn so I was on your FB page and saw this blog. You seem so very happy – both of you.

    Miss you! Julie

  2. Gary (Jeremy's DAD) says:

    This is a true story….. and I approve this blog.

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