Drive Shop Eat

This morning started off early with breakfast sandwiches and homemade frappes. The drive up was uneventful, although we discovered (after we were on the turnpike) that the battery in our Sunpass was dead.

There was a a part of me that was (just slightly) concerned about our hotel, even though it’s a Disney resort it’s only $70/night. However, it is after all Disney – so of course it’s clean and so well themed that we spent 45 minutes exploring and taking pictures. We ran into some people we know from home, so it turns out ‘it’s a small world after all.’

We made our way to the Outlet Mall, along with half the other people in Orlando. I was able to find some amazing deals at The Loft, but overall we were disappointed. They have made some changes to their food court, none of which include more tables or better food. Also, quite a few stores have left the complex so it is almost entirely clothes and shoes. We were looking forward to visiting some of the kitchen stores and who doesn’t want a good as seen on TV shop? We decided (and would recommend) that next time we are going to check the list of current stores online before we try to brave the heat and the crowds.

We rounded out our evening with dinner at Bongos in Downtown Disney. We ate there last year when we were exhausted and couldn’t get a seat anywhere else. It was so good that this year we intentionally made plans to go there on this trip. It was everything we were hoping for and a great way to end the evening. We did feel a left out when it started to feel as though every other table had someone celebrating a birthday. (Ashley – it more than just a song, they get out the bongo drums, each and every time.)

So, now we are settling in for the night. Everything we need is laid out for tomorrow and Jeremy has found a channel that is playing all old Disney cartoons. He uploaded a couple of pictures from the hotel to our Flickr page. Click here for photos.


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