Jesus Mean and Wild

Jesus Mean and Wild

Jesus Mean and Wild

Jesus Mean and Wild by Mark Galli

I read this book after reading an article on Christianity Today.

This book was very interesting and thought provoking. The basic premise was that Christians today have fashioned Jesus into their own image rather than taking him as he really is in the Gospels. They have made Jesus meek and mild because the Jesus of the Gospels is mean and wild. He is untamable and dangerous. It uses the Gospel of Mark as its primary text for looking at the more difficult teachings of Jesus. An example is chapter 10 Sobering Power which talks about Mark 4:37-41 when Jesus quiets the sea and wind during a terrific storm. The author questions whether we really believe Jesus showed that kind of magnificent power over nature or do we only use it as a metaphor for Jesus quieting the storms in our lives. Do we really believe he “stormed through Galilee, stilling violent rains, healing the disfigured, and raising to life those whose bodies had gone stone cold dead”? If we do believe it are we “filled with fear and awe–and an unwavering confidence in his power to deliver us from evil”?  The book covered many other topics and I think gave me a new appreciation for the Gospel of Mark.


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