How many do you need?

fruitsandveggiessm I was under the impression that the FDA was the keeper of the Pyramid (Food Pyramid that is).  And it turns out that I’m wrong – the Department of Agriculture is the keeper of the Pyramid, but the CDC has taken a marked interest in the produce section.  In fact, the CDC has gone as far as to say ‘Every body is different’ – meaning we don’t all need a standard amount of fruits and veggies.  Wanna know how many you need – click here and the CDC will be happy to tell you based on your gender, age and activity level.  And since none of us wants to feel like we are being put in a triangle shaped cookie cutter, I like the idea of knowing what I ‘really’ need based on a formula that the folks at the CDC developed.  As you know the CDC is only called in when things are really serious and they never seem to have PR problem like other branches of the government.  Which means they are really good at their job or no one wants to question their judgment since they keep all those germs in bottles everywhere.  Something else that adds to my delight with the CDC people – they have chose the potato as Vegetable for the Month (if you are wondering, lime is the fruit). There are some ‘experts’ out there that said I can’t count a potato as a veggie, but if the CDC says it’s ‘Vegetable of the Month’ – I’m counting it.

For more F&G inspiration & recipes – checkout Heavenly Homemakers, host of the Eat More Fruits & Veggies Challenge.

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One Response to How many do you need?

  1. Sena says:

    Wow! I really love the recipe portion of their site too!

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