Fruits & Veggies


I don’t know about you, but I struggle getting enough of these fine foods in my daily diet. I have no problem with carbs, salt or fat – I get plenty of those, but not fruits & veggies. Laura at Heavenly Homemakers (one of my favorite blogs) is hosting a challenge to increase the number of these vitamin, fiber and flavor filled foods you eat each day. Obviously the goal is to get to 5-8 servings (or if you are already there – expand the variety). But since it’s not reasonable to expect that your family (or even just you) can make a major life change that involves shopping, new recipes and habit change all in a day – here’s my plan

Step 1
Look through our menu and honestly determine how many servings of fruits & veggies we are getting a day

Step 2
Add one additional serving per day of something we already know and love

Step 3
Try out a couple of new recipes each week to find new ways to incorporate our 5-8 servings without getting bored

Step 4
Write an inspirational book with recipes that will inspire families everywhere to love this often ignored part of the food pyramid, go on the Today show and hold book signings in Barnes & Nobles everywhere.

Remember – a serving is 1/2 cup, not necessarily the the entire piece of fruit or the entire bag of carrots.

I think the hardest part is going to be fruit – I will eat it if it’s in front of me, but it never occurs to me to go seek it out.  As I find recipes or ideas on how to increase our numbers, I’ll let you know.

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