Link to a Smile

It’s a Thursday, I always felt that Thursday’s were neutral days.  Catch up days that were a time to recover from the first three but not quite a Friday, if they had a voice – they would be monotone.  But I also know that if I found something that would make me smile, something that let me take a 5 minute mental break between all the piles on my desk – I could sit up a little straighter and go at it again.

Here’s a link to one of my ‘smile’ pages.  I know some of the folks featured, but I don’t think you need to know them for these pictures to make you smile.  I generally don’t want to review ten thousand pictures of people I know, much those I don’t.  But a few really good pictures that capture the moment, the location and make anyone look beautiful and naturally photogenic – that’s just a good way to spend your coffeebreak.

So, around 10 or 2 today, grab your mug with your favorite hot drink and instead of having Calgon take you away – let Jess sweep you to a few happy moments.

Jessica Lorren Photography

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