Cafe 242

At the Gardens Campus of Christ Fellowship a new cafe has opened in the past couple of weeks. Cafe 242 is open for a quick lunch or coffee during the week and for a full hot meal or salad bar on the weekends. The staff is delightful and efficient – mainly volunteers, they clearly have a desire to be there which creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are many options on the menu and I know it is easy for people to fall into a lunch standard and occasional substitute. It’s the fear of disappointment – you only get one lunch a day, for many people it also serves as a small window of time to just rest and visit. You don’t want to risk messing it up with a poor choice while at the counter. The good news is, I haven’t had anything unfortunate at Cafe 242, but I am definitely forming a list of favorites.

So, in the name of ministry I am offering to try the different things offered and then report back my thoughts and feelings. So, today I will start with two of my favorite things – the coffee and the tomato basil soup.

There is coffee and then there is a good cup of coffee. I think this is a good cup of coffee. I prefer the European Roast Bold, because I like a stronger cup of coffee, but the ‘not bold’ is just as good. It’s smooth, but not weak. I find myself on the weekend at home thinking – I could really go for a cup of their coffee. That’s how you know that something has stolen my heart, I don’t just want a cup of coffee – I want that cup of coffee. In the afternoon around 2 or 3 is just the right time to take a walk and grab a cup. I assure you, you will not let it go cold you will keep sipping until it is gone.

I could not start to share with you about my new lunch spot without mentioning the Tomato Basil Soup. I’m not kidding – it is ridiculous good. I am not normally a person who thinks of soup when I’m trying to make a food decision – but the other day I thought I smelled their soup as I walked by and I considered stopping what I was doing and eating early. There is something just so comforting without being too heavy about this cup of happiness. Sometimes soup can be too creamy, so in the moment it’s wonderful and then you feel like it’s not possible to be so full after just sipping liquid. This is not the case – it’s creamy enough to relax you and ease you into conversation with your lunch buddy or new friend but not send you into a coma in 15 minutes. I would strongly recommend this if you have had a stressful morning, if you like tomatoes, if you are going into a long meeting or if you just had to get out of bed in the morning. And, I think if V-8 can be a serving of vegetables, then this surely must be.

Have you tried the cafe? Do you have a favorite item? Next time – I’m reviewing one of their desserts (research is a bear, isn’t it?).

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