Christmas Presents

I know at this point we are into January, but I have wanted to make note of one of Jeremy’s Christmas presents since riding home from his parent’s house on Christmas morning.  So, I know it’s late but those of you that know my end of December schedule will understand.

The last gift that Jeremy and his sister opened up on Christmas morning consisted of a box of photographs.  Their mother had painstakingly reviewed 30 years of pictures and sorted through them for each child.  They were sorted by type and/or chronological order.  There are groups of Halloween and Easter pictures, baby pictures, school pictures, family pictures and the list goes on.  I always tell Jeremy that when he tells stories of life as a small Hill, I picture him just as he is (glasses and all) just miniaturized.  I loved getting to see those pictures – for his family they are a walk down memory lane, for me they are a glimpse into a life I wish I could have watched.

From the time Jeremy was young, he was blessed with parents that were not just going through the motions, but chose to invest in his life.  During some of these father and very young son moments, my FIL would click on a tape recorder to hold on to the moment.  These weren’t performances or milestone moments, just life.  Sharing thoughts, reading a Christmas card and then mumblings that I sure only a parent in the moment could understand, but it’s still fun to hear his voice.  The last two episodes are my favorite.  The first is Jeremy learning to say his bedtime prayers, I know from the date stamps he’s about 4 years old.  He is learning the standard ‘now I lay me down to sleep’ as well as learning to pray for all the members of his family.  The last recording is about the same age and he is singing ‘This Little Light of Mine” and there is an attempt by his dad to teach him to spell the word Bible.

I think my husband is one of the funniest and most interesting people I know.  I love his thoughts and musings about life and that he shares them with me.  I love how even if we ultimately appear to see something the same way, he may have arrived there via a completely different path.  So, while we are now on this journey together, it is wonderful to see who is was before we got here. (At this point, I must interject that we could have been together sooner, see our How We Met Story.)  As much as I love these opportunities to see and hear him, I really appreciate the bigger gift that is for both of us.  The blessing of having a partner whose parents were intentional about loving their children and raising them to trust in God.

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