2 Updates and a Side Note

We will start with the side note – not sure how i feel about my new WordPress dashboard.  I think I like it but I am cautious after so many technological disappointments in my life.

Update #1 (the important one) – some of you know that that Thanksgiving week my mom got an MRI back that used some long and disconcerting words.  This lead to some follow up appointments and a decision by her doctor to order some high tech tests and schedule a biopsy.  This is such a short time after the end of chemo and the removal of her port, that it took quite a bit of emotional fortitude for my parents to face what was so unexpected.  My mom completed both of her tests early this week expecting results to come in Monday or Tuesday of the following week.  They called on Friday to say that the tests were so clear of any cause for concern that a biopsy was not needed.  What a blessing – not just that a biopsy was not needed but that my mom had a chance to get some of the most advanced tests done to continue to confirm that there is nothing there.

Update #2 (the fun one) – I am continuing on with my coupon/savings fun.  I’m starting to get to the place where I have stocked up on things we use quite a bit, which means I don’t need to purchase everything for the week when I get to Publix.  Last week I went to both Publix and Costco and you know that’s expensive.  However, I now have enough ground beef to get us into the new year and if I play my cards right I think I have enough chicken (and a full freezer).  For this weeks shopping my total bill should have been $68.19 – right there is evidence of major saving because it used to be more like $100.  This is everything I need for 3 meals a day for 6 days (some day when I’m super popular on the internet, I will post the menus).  Okay, focus, where was I – oh yes, total bill should have been $68.19, I paid $37.59 for a savings of $30.60.  I now have a new goal – save more than I spend, at least one week while still having a well rounded menu of things we like.  I was also able to stock up on one of Jeremy’s favorite cereals and stocking up food just makes me happy inside.

Finally, I will leave you with a quick easy tip.  You know those fund raising coupon books someone’s child is always selling?  There are coupons for restaurants, dry cleaning and golf in there.  The one I picked up the other day from a co-worker had $5 off of a total purchase of $50 or more from Albertsons and Publix will accept these coupons.  There was $70 worth of these coupons in this book that cost me $20, I just consider the ice cream and doughnut coupons a bonus after the grocery savings we get.  In addition to that each week we get an Albertson’s flier in the mail, every couple of weeks on one of the inside pages there is the same coupon printed there – again it is accepted by Publix.

I would not pretend to figure all this stuff out for myself – check out http://www.thegrocerygame.com to get printable coupons or to play the game.  If you do decide to sign up, it would be awesome if you used my e-mail address as a reference katescoupons at gmail.com.

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