productive hobby

so right as we got married the economy started to become a cause for concern – as we have started the first couple months of our marriage the economy has continued it’s path towards reducing any possibly unnecessary excess, not unlike us as we have merged all of our belongings and purged what we don’t absolutely need.

we learned in some of our prep for marriage classes that it is important we maintain friendships with people other than just us and that it’s good to have our own interests.  at the same time i understand that i need some boundaries with the number of hours i spend at work.  that meant i needed begin to develop a new hobby that would keep me entertained, play to my occasionally obsessive nature (i like to say focused) and make me feel productive.

so here’s what i’ve got – two of them! (proud of me?)  in the evenings i love reading the blogs from stay at home moms/wives that are embracing their role, getting creative and really enjoying their lives.  they are into finding and making their families healthy unprocessed food, saving money and then some crafty things that i will never be able to do (dollar store basket sprucing up).  they are completely comfortable with being feminine and celebrating it.  i want to be one of these ladies.

my other new thing – coupons.  i’ve been all over the internet to get advice and ideas on how to make the most of my time.  i’ve even signed up for to get direction from the pros.  each sunday i clip all kinds of coupons from the newspaper and i check the fliers that come in the mail.  i have a little filing system to divide them up by the type of coupon they are.  it seems the way to make the most of it is to wait for things to go on sale and use the coupons on top of the sale, then stock up on things you need so you only ever pay the lowest possible price for them.

so far i’ve been really amazed at how much money can be saved if i try.  they have all the information on how to do the same shopping at drug stores like CVS and Walgreens, i tried that for a couple of weeks and it’s true you can get things for free or even less than free.  but it takes quite a bit of time to go to more than one store, make multiple lists and keep the coupons straight.  i’m going to try to keep it up for a few more weeks to see if i can get into it, but i suspect that i will end up sticking with just Publix and utilize Costco for things that are best done i bulk.

i case you are wondering – i saved $30 this week at Publix, just with things that we needed for the upcoming week and a couple of things that while not on the menu are things we use all the time.  Quick example – Hunt’s tomato sauce is buy one get one free, so $.99 for two and then i had a coupon for $.55 off of two – $.44 for two 15 ounce cans of brand name tomato sauce.  i love Publix brand everything (except condensed soup, not sure what happened there) and there are many times that Publix brand is still less than the name brand with a coupon – so you can’t just run with the coupon, you need to bring a calculator unless you are like my dad and do it all in your head.

so, i am now that girl you see at the store using the phone as a calculator to double check deals and with the little package of coupons and i’m loving it.

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One Response to productive hobby

  1. amypaul says:

    Check out my sister’s blog…she is all into the coupon stuff. I can’t keep up.

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