Before it’s too late…

before the wedding i mentioned that i had some thoughts on Olympic commentators, i feel that i’ve almost if not already missed my window to share my thoughts for several years.  so i would just like to take a moment to express my frustration with the commentators in the gymnastics area.  i did not watch all the sports, however i saw enough of them to know that the gymnastics people were unnecessarily critical and demeaning.  i believe it is possible to explain what is happening and the complexity or lack thereof in a routine without making it sound as though this is their first day out on the floor.  these are not people  without talent.  i will however withdraw my comments here if someone lets me know that the people commenting received straight gold medals when they competed or at some point received perfect scores in each event.  i am not saying that one needs to be perfect to comment or announce for a sport, but if you want to take a hyper critical and superior attitude while doing it I think you should be able to back that up with your own personal talent.

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