The Day the Diamond Fell

here’s another attempt to catch up on missed topics in the last month.  picture it – mid-July, busy day at CF, lots of moving between offices.  later afternoon i looked down at my hand and i thought – i’m so glad i got my ring cleaned this weekend, it really does sparkle differently when it’s clean.  i then moved on with my day and didn’t think about it again.  as i was leaving and climbing into my car, i held my phone out from all of my stuff so i could call my brother.  getting ready to dial, i looked down at my left hand.  and there it was – a hole in my ring the larger than a crater, but smaller than the grand canyon.  i just sat there, i started to feel sick and my heart was beating faster.  i looked around my car, but didn’t see anything – i knew i had been all over the church, including the construction site – there was no place to even begin looking.  i called jeremy, even though i knew he was at the gym.  then i called 411 and got the number to the jeweler where jeremy had purchased my ring.  they assured me whatever it was – it could be fixed.  i started on my drive home, it seemed to take forever to get down the road.  i called my mom who also was convinced this was not the end of the world and they would be able to fix it.  i finally got a hold of jeremy, who joined me on the way to the store.  i worried the whole way to the house to get jeremy that he would be upset that i broke my ring.  of course he wasn’t – he wasn’t upset at me in the least, just upset that i was so upset.  then i took the time from the house to the mall to worry that they wouldn’t cover the cost of a new diamond and the repair. 

i power walked to the shop as soon as we arrived, they knew as soon as we walked in that i was the panicked bride that called earlier.  the jewler looked at the ring and the suggested that since the wedding was only a short time away i could possibly just keep that area covered during the wedding so that no one noticed.  my jaw dropped, my eyes got big and i’m pretty sure they started to fill with tears.  both the jeweler and jeremy instantly assured me he was just kidding.  that is when i instituted the ‘no wedding humor 45 days or less from the ceremony’ rule.  we left the ring with a promise to have it back by the end of the month.

10 days later we got a call that the ring was ready, so we went straight out there after work – no food, no unloading the car – must get ring.  as soon as we got there, they said ‘ah yes, we have your ring’ as he was looking for the ring he said – ‘we removed a diamond from the same place on the other side of the ring, so it is perfectly even, looks like nothing ever happened.’  i then needed to remind the room about the ‘no wedding humor this close the ceremony’ rule. 

ring is back on my finger, all is well – although i’m apprehensive to get it cleaned again, even though i know i should before the wedding.

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