Dinner Idea in the Draft Folder

i love auto-save features on the computer.  it has saved me many times when my computer decides it’s ready for it’s government mandated 15 minute break or 30 minute lunch.  however, i have a bad habit of being in the middle of an e-mail (or in this case, blog post), getting distracted and then moving on.  there were 16 e-mails in my draft folder the other day, 16 – many of them blank, however some of them were down right brilliant but now past their prime.   i looked in my draft folder for our blog and low and behold – cluttered with things.  below is a recipe that i love and i haven’t made in a while, i think it will make it on next week’s dinner menu.  if my brother is reading this – you can do this, super easy and fit to serve to company.

i call it honey garlic chicken, it’s not a creative name, but i know what i mean when i write it on the grocery list.  the chicken crisps up without adding breading, it’s all natural – no mixed or unknown ingredients and it’s super filling.

here’s what you need –  couple of chicken breasts, 1.5 green peppers, 1 medium onion, 1/3 cup honey, garlic powder, salt, pepper and coconut oil.  i like to serve over brown rice, but when i first started making this, i was in phase one of the maker’s diet so rice was not on list of things to eat.

cut the chicken into strips about 2 inches long and 1/2 thick

chop the green peppers and onion into fork spearing size chunks (you know how big your mouth and your forks are)

next, add your honey, 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, and a teaspoon each of salt & pepper to a bowl large enough to stir in all of the chicken.  use a fork to mix up the honey mixture – then add the chicken and toss with the fork (or use your fingers if you promise to wash your hands) in order to coat the chicken with the honey.

after washing your hands – add enough coconut oil to a pan to clearly cover the bottom of it, not barely cover it – clearly cover it.  you want a pan that has sides to it, not a frying pan. get the heat going at about medium high (more  medium than high), once the oil is liquefied and hot – add the chicken and all the related honey.  just carefully dump in the entire bowl.  use a spatula to spread out the chicken so it’s in a single layer.  now, you need to watch this and move the chicken around a bit, but you don’t need to obsess over it.  you should know that the combo of the honey and coconut oil starts to foam; not sure why, but it does.  you are going to turn the chicken pieces just a couple of times during this process and let the chicken go until it starts to bronze.  normally in cooking you hear the phrases – golden brown, i prefer to let this go to bronze colored.  this is the place to add the peppers and onions.  give it all a good mix so the veggies are now coated in the minimal sauce that is being made.  add just a smidge of salt at this point to help draw some moisture out of the peppers and onions.  then cover – let it cook for a few more minutes and give it a stir in there somewhere.

tips – adjust the ratio of chicken and veggies to what you like and i suppose you could add other vegetables, but these are the ones i like.  also, play with the spices – i never measure them, just what seems right that day.  i think this tastes best with brown rice, as opposed to white but it doesn’t need it if you prefer to go lower carb.  if you are going to make the rice, get it going before you start in on everything else so it finishes at the same time.  you don’t need to cover the veggies in the last step, i like when they are steamed, but you may prefer to leave the lid off, just your preference.  last, to save money you can buy the chicken in a family size package and then put in the freezer for about 30 minutes.  it will make it easier to cut up, you can do all the strips at once and just freeze what you don’t need right now.  oh wait, one more – for a super special, filling dinner and to convert it to comfort food – sprinkle a generous amount of provolone over the top and give it a minute to melt.

enjoy and let me know if you try it/improve it. (i know, if was a better blogger, there would be pictures)

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