4 days and 12 hours

in 4 days and 12 hours i will be walking down the aisle.  (side note – i’m watching the food network, they are showcasing school cafeterias.)  we are basically done with the wedding preparations – it’s making me nervous.  i feel like i should still have things to do.  i do have things to do to finish up organizing jeremy’s place to have it ready for both of us to live there.  thankfully my brother and sister are in town, so they are going to move jeremy’s bed out and await the arrival of the our new bed.  that’s the biggest part of getting us ready to go.  we have almost everything packed and we both feel we are ready – not just the logistics are wrapped up, but we are ready to be married.

last saturday we went to church at Gardens and got to go to dinner with some precious friends, i honestly could not remember the last time we felt the freedom to go out after church and just hang out.  then we were able to go out with another set of friends on sunday evening – just to catch up on life, the wedding and just relax.  sunday morning we went to our favorite breakfast place and we spent a few minutes reflecting on wedding preparations and thinking about our upcoming nuptuails.

we both starting talking about what we were most looking forward to about being married.  jeremy is most excited about me ‘not leaving’.  we get to spend quite a bit of time together since we live so close, but i still have to leave each night.  so, after saturday – no more leaving.  i’m ready to start being our own family – making memories and starting traditions.

i think we both know that we are the one that God chose for the other and we feel we have done everything that is reasonable to prepare for being married – so we are ready to start that next phase in life.

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