how to know it’s been too long

you know you have waited too long to blog when your internet browser doesn’t automatically popup wordpress when you start to type the word.  or when you realize you can’t remember all the topics in your mental list to blog about, i’m going to have to start carryiing a pad of paper i have so many ideas and no time.  i will put my list here, just to let you know what’s going on:

  • story about a crazy squirrel out to get me (this is no laughing matter)
  • trying to move two people’s worth of stuff into one people’s worth of space
  • my new favorite place to be – Bed Bath and Beyond
  • thoughts on bizarre dressing room conversations overheard while honeymoon shopping
  • people that decide to move out of town the day before your wedding
  • my thoughts on Olympic commentators
  • twitter followers you don’t know

these are things i think about instead of working on the wedding – mental escape hatches.

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One Response to how to know it’s been too long

  1. masterfamily says:

    Oh you are back….I know you’ve been so busy, but I do check on you reg! Can’t wait to hear all about your life after the wedding! Let me know if you need anything!

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