full circle

do you ever have a week so busy you can’t find time to eat?  this was my week, but i have to tell you i am so in my zone right now that i could go to work tomorrow and do it for another 10 hours.  this week was an absolute gift from God, you wouldn’t know it to look at me – i haven’t done laundry in two weeks so my wardrobe is down to slim pickings and my hair is getting minimal attention.  but i have so loved the opportunity to get out from behind my desk and get the creative side of my brain going again.  i am literally dreaming about what i do during the day.

one of my strengths is connectedness, it doesn’t come up on my top five of my strength finder, but i know it’s a strength.  finding connections in things excites me to the point of distraction sometimes.  this is one of those connected things, when you see something come full circle.  i remember when i first started attending my church, i was just going for the young adult ministry since my church didn’t have one.  i liked the music and the teaching was great.  what i thought i liked most was the group and this church were so large i thought i could just slip in and out and not have any responsibility (those of you know that know me, stop laughing at the current situation).  i thought i wanted a break, so this was a nice escape.  i remember that one evening a tall bald man named Chris G. stopped me as i was leaving, i liked to leave just a mite early in order to avoid human interaction.  he said he had noticed that i slipped out early each week and just wanted to let me know that i was welcome to stay and that now that we’d met at least one person there knew my name.  i chalkedit up to the name tags we wore each week and went on.  a couple of weeks later as thanksgiving was upon us, this same tall man was standing at the door as i left early and said he thought i should consider coming that saturday to help get ready for the thanksgiving outreach.  they would be decorating boxes that would then hold all of the contents of a thanksgiving dinner to be distributed to families that could prepare a meal, but could not afford all the ingredients.  i tried to find a way out, but the girl that came with me committed us to be there first thing saturday morning.  well, she ended up bailing, but i was there.  i sponge painted some leaves on boxes and wrote a few happy thanksgivings.  as we were finishing up the tall man’s mom, who will call Joyce asked if i had ever had a tour of their new buildings, i didn’t even realize they were building on this side of the street until this week so no – this was all new to me.  she took me on a tour of the youth building we were in, the children’s building and the still being constructed sanctuary.  i had never been in a sanctuary so large, i was still trying to grasp the idea that this church took up two sides of the street.  but the thing that so impressed me and made me think – i need to look into this place was the ceiling tiles in the children’s building.  perhaps you’ve walked this building and not noticed – but the theme was that of a town, so someone had painted all the tiles to look like they had clouds on them.  not big bubbly cartoon clouds, but gentle soft sponge painted clouds.  all of the ceiling tiles, this not a little building.  i was so impressed with the attention to detail, Joyce shared with  me that this was the first building that was completed and was done with such excellence because the senior pastor put great value in pouring into the children of the church and not just babysitting them.  long story, sort of short – i now have the opportunity to be part of the team that pays attention to the details.  making sure seats are comfortable, but sturdy.  that this is a safe place to bring your children where they won’t just be watched for an hour but where they will be loved.  to be a part of the team that doesn’t just cover the bases but gets to hammer out the details that take it from good to great.  my tour of the yet to be opened campus with joyce was almost 9 years ago and if you’d asked me that day would i see myself anywhere near where i am today, i don’t think i would have even been able to understand the question. 

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