all caught up

it’s a lot of work to stay on top of things these days.  just when i thought i was caught up with the rest of the world because i had a blog, i realized i didn’t have a facebook page and i didn’t have a twitter account, much less the necessary following to go with it.  well, i’ve finally got myself self caught up (for the week) – i’ve joined facebook – come be my friend and i’ve got a twitter account.  i found a couple of people to follow, which is a bit like stalking with permission and i’m hoping that someone somewhere will want to know my random thoughts throughout the day.  i’m already filling overwhelmed my the responsibility of keeping these things updated.

by now i’m sure you’ve figured out that i usually blog in the evening while watching TV.  i just saw a commercial for something, not sure what, but there were small children walking in circles around a car carrying gas cans.  anyone know what this is supposed to make me buy or participate in?

okay, i don’t have anymore to say and i have an early morning meeting.  

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