television phenomenon

perhaps i’m the only this happens to or maybe this is one of those things that happens to everyone and no one talks about it.  i find that if there is a television show out there that i am aware of, maybe a bit curious about but not a committed watcher or even really a pauser as i click by – but as an active member of society i will give the show a chance and watch it once.  and then months or perhaps even a year later i go to give the show another go at it and of all the things – it’s the exact same episode.  this happens often enough in my life that i’ve made note of it.  it just happened again.  i have seen one episode of hannah montana and i just paused on the disney channel looking for something that will not give me bad dreams just before i go to sleep and the only episode i’ve ever seen before is playing again.  how is this possible?  as a side note, i did change the channel and i have found something on the food network where a woman is sculpting large animals out of butter.

since i’m on the subject, as a public service i thought i might help out those of you that do not have children in your life to explain the hannah montana obsession.  it’s your standard popular children’s show that everyone can’t get enough of – the confusing part if you have ever seen the commercials is sometimes the star is a blond and sometimes a brunette.  also, you will notice that fans will use the name miley cyrus and hannah montana interchangeably.  allow me to solve the questions in your mind.  on the show hannah montana, a young woman named miley cyrus in real life plays a girl named miley cyrus on the show.  however, miley (on the show) is secretly a pop sensation named hannah montana.  since hannah is so very popular, miley  must keep her alter egoa secret from everyone else in order to lead a normal life.  obviously her family knows and her close friends are in the most impossible secret.  antics ensue not just in keeping the secret, but also the logistics of being a pop star and a normal teenager.  this is my understanding of the show, granted – i’veonly been privy to one episode, so don’t cut and paste this into wickipedia.

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