a rainbow after the flood

on Friday we got a call that the dishwasher had not stopped running, in it’s zeal to get the dishes clean the water had not stopped running.  it flooded the kitchen and then flooded the kitchen of the man that lived downstairs.  we raced home from work and jeremy’s parents had already cleaned up the water for us.  so a few hours later we had moved everything that was near the floor in the kitchen out and my dad came and helped us unattach the dishwasher.  we did call the insurance company who promised us a return call soon – they still haven’t called.

the next day we went to look for a new dishwasher and we decided to go ahead and finish up all the work we had planned for the weekend.  it was to be our weekend of lighting – literally every room in the house had something done to the lights.

then it happen.  as we were driving down forest hill, just minutes from our home.  i spotted him.  the teenager who was being paid minimum wage to stand on the street with an advertisement so the company didn’t need to get a permanent sign installed.  he was holding a sign announcing that Little Cesar’s had just opened.  that’s right folks – i now have crazy bread 5 minutes from our house.  i will never move.  this was my rainbow after the flood – the guy with the sign was my rainbow.

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One Response to a rainbow after the flood

  1. masterfamily says:

    Happy day! Yeah! I will have to come see your place and have a crazy bread dinner!

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