Hollywood Studios

last weekend we went up to Hollywood Studios, formally known as MGM.  it’s been a long time since i’ve been there, so i remembered it being a lot of walking around and just looking at old movie and tv things.  our other option was to go the Animal Kingdom but it was a hot weekend and we weren’t sure we could make a whole day out of going to the zoo, even if it was Disney.

if you haven’t been to Hollywood Studios in a while, i suggest you check it out.  our whole day was filled with lots of fun and the lines weren’t too bad.  my favorite part was the drawing studio, you go in to this room and they teach you how to draw a Disney character and you actually draw it while in the class.  i think that jeremy’s favorite part was the rockin’ roller coaster, but i wanted nothing to do with a ride where while you are in line the voice overhead is warning small children, pregnant women, people with bad backs or anyone with a pulse that they may want to rethink going on this ride.

the most interesting thing i took away from the day was as we were walking down the street in ‘New York’, i grabbed the camera to snap some pictures for work.  and at first i thought – what is wrong with me that i can’t just go to Disney and not having the church cross my mind as i move from one attraction to another, that i would stop our get away and make a quick side step to ‘work’.  and then i thought – no, i am so grateful that to me my job is not just work but something i am passionate about and i can’t separate myself from it.  when i’m relaxing and having fun – it is the thing that comes to mind.  how many people can say that about where they pick up their paycheck?  how many people can honestly say that if the money didn’t matter they would still do exactly what they do now (although i might telecommute one day a week).  i am grateful that for me Disney is not an escape but rather an opportunity to relax.  i think these are two very different things.

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One Response to Hollywood Studios

  1. Artist Anika says:

    I am envious of you. I would love to go there, and am sure that the Drawing Studio would be my favorite part as well. That class sounds fascinating and I hope that you put up a little of what you learned in the “How to draw disney characters” class (if you went in, the entry just refers to the class, but doesn’t say whether you participated or not.

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