83 Days

83 Days until we’re married!!!!! but who’s counting? (in case you are wondering, google is counting for me, i have a widget on my igoogle page that is counting down to the second)

as we get closer to being The Hills, there is a lot of work to do – but it doesn’t feel like work (except for one of my registries that is giving me fits).  this morning i made french toast for breakfast and we sat at our new kitchen table not just to eat but to plan our day.  we are both recovering from quite the cold that we caught at Hollywood Studios, so while i like to cram as much as is not even humanly possible into the weekend, jeremy is of the opinion that we need to take it easy.  i think its hard to hold back because i’m excited.  i’m enjoying every minute of planning the opportunity to celebrate getting married.

i think i have found my baker for my wedding cake, i really like this guy and the things he as made that i have tried are just amazing.  we are going to go for a tasting later this month and then hopefully finalize the contract – i love the design he has come up with for us.  i had an idea in my head, but it wasn’t clear enough – he did a great job of pulling that out of me and putting it on paper.  this means the last two serious things i need to finalize are the photographer and the tablescapes.

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