got my veil (and some other stuff)

i got my veil this morning.  i found a dress and a veil for sale on craig’s list, i was able to make contact with the folks and get it for exactly the amount i had budgeted.  it’s gorgeous and i never could have gotten it if i had purchased it at a bridal shop.

i think we also were able to select a china pattern – opal innocence by lenox (check it out at  and we found our kitchen table and a little island to help add additional counter space to the kitchen. 

the biggest find was our new refridgerator – our current fridge has a hard time keeping things frozen in the freezer, however the fridge part does a great job of keeping things so cold they freeze.  but no one really wants half thawed chicken and frozen milk.  once it’s delivered this weekend i will start to move the kitchen downstairs.  currently we pretty much use my kitchen for everything, but it will be nice to start to move things into the permanent kitchen so i can think through where i want to put things.

on friday i spent some time with my friend tarra who is helping with my reception and she left me with a list of homework.  we think we have narrowed down a caterer and i now have a basic idea on the layout and timing for the reception – its coming together!!!!!!

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