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Welcome to the interactive part of our blog.  Jeremy has designed several options for our monogram, but they are all so good we are having trouble making a decision.  We would love your input via the poll below.  Scroll through the monograms, you will see a red letter next to each one.  After you view all of the options, select the link for the letter you like best (underlined in blue).  Below that you can see how others are voting.  Remember – your votes are anonymous (mainly because haven’t figured out how to track them) and we ask that you only vote once (this is not American Idol).  If you have comments or suggestions, please utilize the comment section.  For those of you new to blogging – to comment click on the blue underlined word ‘comment’ or ‘comments’ located just below the blog entry.  A box will open where you can leave your thoughts.  The decision of the bride is final.

Poll: Chose our monogram


Also want to create a poll? Click here


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One Response to Vote Now!

  1. Amy Hill says:

    I voted twice. I feel that as the sister of the groom my vote should carry a little more weight 🙂

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