Cathreyn Nersough

i received a credit card for work today – my name was spelled incorrectly.  it took about 40 minutes to get this corrected, you would think they could type the correct spelling in a box and then it would fill all the related boxes, but it doesn’t work that way.  after a day on the internet and on the phone making flight arrangements (which translates to sitting on hold waiting for ‘representative’), it was not my plan to end my work day sitting on hold with the credit card company.  but in the end i have a new card arriving tomorrow and it’s pretty cool looking.

had an idea tonight.  i love the show Jon & Kate Plus 8.  i like the kids, i like the parents and i like the format.  we recently purchased a camcorder so we could keep track of the wedding planning process and our first year of marriage.  i thought it would be cool to go reality tv style and include an interview format in our recording process.  so when we take the camera and record different things then either before or after we can take a couple of minutes at home to share our thoughts.  while jeremy is super excited about this idea, he as agreed to reliquish all creative control and let me develop out my ideas.  i think i will have us first review the process of going through all of our stuff and letting things go. if i can figure it out, i’ll try to get it posted on our blog but no promises.

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