Lots of Stuff

we both have lots of stuff, we are about to get more and we don’t have a lot of space to put it in.  we each took a couple of hours today to go through our rooms and closets to pull out things we really needed to throw away or give away in order to make room.  it was a ton of work, but it feels so good to know that it’s done and to get rid of the clutter.  there is now a big pile in my living room of stuff that is perfectly good, but we don’t need it anymore.  now we need to make a decision on whether or not to have a garage sale or just give the things away.

i discovered this weekend that it’s nearly impossible to find quality non-stick cookware that is dishwasher safe.  so i have to make decision, do i keep the cookware we registered for and just be okay with handwashing the pots and pans, do i ‘downgrade’ or change to a lesser known brand that is non-stick and dishwasher safe or do i do a combo and keep the good stuff for serious cooking and get a couple of pieces of non-stick & dishwasher safe for quick breakfasts and dinners?  aggghhhhhh!

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One Response to Lots of Stuff

  1. mom and dad says:

    Well – you know how we really feel about non-stick cookware BUT of the choices given, we think the pieces you use every day are critical to your health SO we suggest you get the good stuff and hand wash (it’s non-stick – clean up should be non-big deal).

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