i can’t even remember the last time i had the hiccups, but i’ve got them now. i think it’s because i was laying down while i was drinking water out of a straw – i don’t think bodies were meant to swallow water in that position. anyway, i can’t sleep due to the spasms, so i thought it was time to blog.

so far i have gathered just over half of my needed favors from eBay at quite the savings. i’m also talking to two different people i found on line, one from eBay and one from Craig’s list, about a veil. i think that someone needs to write a book or at least have a website on how to best utilize the internet for planning your wedding. list sites with good resources, ideas for how to get things at good prices, etc. if i had more time, perhaps i would start it.

i’m thinking about finding someone to clean my place, just until we get married. jeremy use to have someone come by and it was a pretty reasonable. i just spend almost all of each weekend working on wedding things and that means that not much cleaning is happening. i should probably be folding laundry (that i washed last weekend) instead of typing.

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