quick update

I just wanted to give you all an update on my mom.  She is in her 4th week of radiation and chemo and is doing much better than they expected.  She has been able to join me for many of my wedding outings, she runs errands during the day with my dad and she rides her bike and/or exercises everyday.  Her blood counts are doing well, there has been a minor and steady decline in her red counts, but still within normal limits.

She has experienced some changes in her skin and muscle just in the area where they are doing the radiation and she has experienced chest pains.  She is going to see Dr. Crandall next Monday regarding the chest pains, since it is possible the radiation maybe be causing damage to her heart muscle.

We won’t know how effect all of these treatments are until they finish this course and then run the serious tests, but it is such a blessing that she is dealing with minimal side effects.  There is still a good deal of pain and adjustments to be handled due to the surgery, but they are working with physical therapists and other specialists to keep on top of those things.

Thank you for all of your prayers.  The doctors have been amazed through this process at how well she bounces back from treatments and tests that would normally knock people out for a few days.

On a personal note, it has made me more grateful for her involvement in my wedding planning than most brides.  Some may wish their mother wasn’t as involved in their planning or not appreciate that there is someone to go with them on all the appointments.  I had come to terms with doing most of these things by myself unless my sister was in town, so I’m amazed and pleased each time I call to ask and she says “well yes, I think we can do that”.  And since my dad is my mom’s constant companion these days, I get both of my parents with me (although, he’s started bringing books and crossword puzzles to flower appointments).

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One Response to quick update

  1. mom and dad says:

    we do appreciate the concern and prayers – thank you for keeping people connected to us in this way. it is a rich blessing to join you for the wedding planning appointments. thanks for asking us to be part of them.

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