More Registration

we spent more hours than i thought possible walking around stores looking at lots of can openers, pyrex and napkins.  it was absolutely exhausting, but now a week removed it’s becoming a fond memory.  i think the most tiring thing is all the decisions – you need to decide what colors will be in your kitchen, what color will your bathroom be, what comfortor do you want to look at everyday on your bed.  however, i’m so grateful that we are getting married in the age of the internet.  we will be able to manage our registries from home sitting on the couch while watching “The Office”.

i would say to anyone considering registering that they need to seriously consider Bed Bath and Beyond – it was like Disney World level customer service.  the manger came and introduced herself, they offered to buy us lunch while we registered, we got all kinds of little goodies.  it made the whole thing so much nicer than it would have been without those extra touches.  we ended up putting the majority of our items on that list since it was so easy to do and they have such a large selection.

we still haven’t chosen china and i’m not sure i will.  this is making the idea of picking crystal or silver feel overwhelming as well.  i don’t know how people do this.  i feel like for all of the hours we put in, i should have more to say.  perhaps more will strike me as i reflect or as i embark on the task of managing three registries.

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