the other day we were at a party store to see if we could get any ideas for favors to give a the wedding.  we found these great little tins that you can put candy or whatnot in.  they come with labels you can print on your computer and then stick on the tins or just leave plain.  they were a good price and would fit in our budget, but i was able to find the same thing on Ebay and save quite a bit of money, even with the cost of shipping.  normally i wouldn’t want to rely on Ebay to piece together all the pieces i needed for something important, since it isn’t a guarantee.  however, since i know that even if i paid full price it would be okay and i know where to get them around town, i’m happy to have it as an option.  and i’m beyond relieved to have made a decision about the favors so that i can move on. 

of course now i need to figure out what we are going to fill them with (and jeremy isn’t sold on putting the labels on)

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