Easter is Over

the Easter weekend has passed and we have all survived. the weather was not cooperative, we had thunderstorms with possible cloud to ground lightning on saturday. this meant we needed to evacuate all of the tents (that are used for children) and go to great lengths to try to keep everyone dry. the good news is people still showed up. we weren’t sure if people would come out or watch online – we had a good showing in both areas. i was just exhausted on sunday, so i’m going to take a day or two to get caught up on cleaning my house and wedding things.

i’m excited that i will have time this week to be able to make a real dinner each night for jeremy. i’m about to make a list of everything i want to do this week – starting with the checklists from my wedding resources.

last night we looked at some programs i had saved from other weddings. after some discusssion on the merits of a program, we agreed that we should have one. jeremy offered to design it for us so it’s personalized and exactly the way we want it.

this friday we are going to try to get invitations picked and talk to someone about our cake. i’ve also narrowed down some rehearsal dinner ideas, so i want to take jeremy there for lunch this week, the only draw back is that it is not super close to the rehearsal site.

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