Easter is coming

tonight i stopped by the bridal shop and ordered the bridesmaid dresses. they changed the name of the color sashes we needed, so there was a moment of panic that they were discontinued. but some diligent researching on the part of the consultant yielded a new color that when compared to the original, makes me wonder why they would go to the trouble of changing the name. ah well – all is ordered and should be here soon.

this is the week of Easter, so i have a few things on my plate. my dreams have consisted of mainly Easter or wedding details, so they are restless nights. i can see it in my skin, i’m starting to age!

once Easter is passed us and i can feel comfortable giving the wedding the time it needs, i think i will be okay. it’s just so hard to think about other things when i want to be finalizing details. i think once i get into picking invitations, caterers and cakes this blog is going to get more interesting.

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