check, check

i’m making progress on the check lists – dress is picked, reception site is reserved, chapel is reserved, wedding party is set. this weekend we go to look at bridesmaid dresses and i hope to make serious progress on the sunday brunch for our family.

i was reading online last night about the decision to invite or not invite kids. there were quite a few ideas on what to do, so that people don’t have to miss out on coming to the wedding and so that the kids do not get frustrated trying to sit still or stay quiet for so long.

next weekend is Easter, so all of next week that will be my sole focus and i must resist the urge to spend hours on the the guest list is almost finalized, now i’m at the point where i’ve got to try to find all of the addresses for these folks and that’s the hard part. however, the following friday i’m going to check out a cake place and look for invitations.

we book our honeymoon a few days ago, i’m already looking forward to a vacation. it’s not that i’m sick of wedding things – i’m loving it! but i’ve never taken a week long vacation, because i’ve never had someone to take it with. if i had taken off a week of work before i would have quickly run out of things to do, but now i will have someone to share the time off with and that is the best part.

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