dress shopping

i was going to go look for a dress last saturday but we were deep in the middle of creating a way too long guest list and i chickened out. my mind kept going to the painful experience of trying to find a prom dress or some other formal dress when i was in high school or just normal clothing shoppping since it is so hard to find something that fits right. i almost always end up choosing a two piece option over a dress since it looks better. but i knew that i didn’t want a two piece outfit for my wedding i wanted a wedding dress.

tonight jeremy had his small group, so i knew i would have a couple of hours to puruse dresses and just start to narrow down what i wanted. i braced myself on the drive there for the emotional upheaval that would be involved in picking a once in a lifetime dress with an odd shaped body.

turns out all of my concerns were for nothing. not only did i find a dress that fits but i found several options that i really like. i’m going back tomorrow to show my mom what i’ve narrowed it down to and see if we can’t pick a dress.

i really thought i would be searching for weeks and feeling the pressure of just picking something since we were running out of time. i can only hope that the rest of the wedding decisions will be so easy.

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